yoast seo sitemap 404

yoast seo sitemap 404 error

Yoast seo sitemap 404 error is not uncommon but it’s usually not too bad to fix.

So what does ‘Yoast seo sitemap 404′ mean?

It’s search engine speak to meant that I’ve got a problem with a 404 error when I access the sitemap that is managed by the Yoast SEO plugin on my website. And that’s not very good.

What did I touch to break it?

I had a bit of a nightmare the other day with the sitemap feature of the excellent Yoast SEO plugin.

A sitemap is a text file on your site (in xml format) that is used by search engines to find the files on your site. If it’s not there then it’s a bit harder for them to keep you up to date. Fortunately once the Yoast SEO plugin is installed and configured the sitemap gets updated automatically so generally you never have to think about it.

Anyway, it didn’t appear to be up to date so I tried to get it to update the sitemap, I disabled the sitemap feature and saved the changes and that got rid of the sitemap. It deleted the files and everything.

Then I re-enabled it and expected it all to burst in to life and recreate the files. Unfortunately it didn’t.

When I clicked the button in the SEO settings to see the sitemap it just went to my site and gave me a 404 file not found error. Which is good because it does have that ability but bad because it meant that the sitemap wasn’t there. 🙁

I grubbed around with the cache plugin and did the normal things that you do including fretting and foaming at the mouth.

How did I fix it?

So I found the answer on this page of the Yoast website and it burst in to life when I changed the permalinks setting in the appearance tab and changed them back. That is one of the cues the plugin uses to initiate re-creating the xml sitemap.

So I’m back in the land of the sitemapped. I’m smiling and happy and have cleaned the foam from my mouth.

Now Yoast seo sitemap 404 is a distant memory. And I learned something new.

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