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I have been doing posts and pages in WordPress for a while now. The post and pages editor is OK but it’s a little basic. One of the real things I was looking for was to be able to control the font sizes and font family that is displayed.

Up to now I’ve been going in to the Text part of the editor and entering html code to change font and font size and it’s OK but you don’t want to be doing a lot of it because it’s so time consuming. After all, the idea of using WordPress in the first place is to make things quicker and more focussed on the content than on the coding under the hood.

I was putting together another WordPress site for a marketing niche and I needed a bit more control in more pages and posts and I got really fed up of adding in the span tag to change the font information. So I went in search. It’s a funny thing, when I’ve searched before I must have been looking for the wrong thing and came back with nothing.

This time I found a WordPress plugin called WP Edit written by Josh Lobe. This plugin can control font size, font families and all sorts and it works really well. There’s a free version and a premium version. So far I’ve used the free version and it’s allowing me to do lots of things much easier.

I’ll look at the premium version at a later date but this is really worth using.

The Dashboard settings for WP Edit mainly allow you to set new capabilities by dragging new buttons from one bar to another.


To add the Font Family and Font Sizes capability I dragged the Font Family and Font Sizes buttons from the Button Placeholder Container to the Editor Rows area, it saved the new settings automatically and I had the new functionality that I wanted.

It’s impressive to give that level of simplicity in the configuration.


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