Skype Issue With DesktopServer

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A friend of mine had a problem with desktopserver lite.

It turned out that the culprit was Skype.

Desktopserver lite allows you to develop websites locally on your PC instead of working across the internet to your web hosting.

To do this it sets up a local web server using XAMPPLITE and manipulates the local host table. Part of this process involves taking over port 80 in the local network ports. That brings us a bit of a problem because if skype is set to run from startup then it takes over port 80 and stops Skype working.

There are a couple of fixes, the first is just quit skype. Skype will then let go of port 80 and desktopserver lite can run. The other is to reconfigure Skype to use a different port. It’s a part of the settings that may look like double dutch but they are simple to follow. There’s a description from Skype support here.

In Skype select tools > options

Then select Advanced and click on connection.

Untick the box that says to use port 80 and 443 so that it uses other ports.

Now click save.

After that it should reconfigure and desktop server lite should work again.


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