Hide Youtube Related Videos WordPress

Hide Youtube Related Videos WordPress



I recently added some videos to Peter French Hypnotherapy (www.peterfrenchhypnotherapy.co.uk) and to do that in the page editor you add the code:

[embed] … [/embed]

You insert the URL of the youtube video that you want to embed.

In my case I was linking to a stress relief video that I put together.

[embed width=”420″ height=”315″]https://www.youtube.com/embed/pW-I12fzlvA[/embed]

Which produces this video:

However like a lot of things it wasn’t quite that simple.

Yes it plays the video and it’s the video that I wanted. But at the end it then showed all those related videos and invited my website visitors to click and go elsewhere. And to be honest it looks a bit of a mess too. You get something like this:



There used to be a way of stopping it using the string &rel=0 at the end of the URL but that doesn’t work any more.

To the rescue came a plugin:

Hide Youtube Related Videos Plugin

You can find it in the wordpress plugins here

That actually clears the cache and leaves the page looking much tidier. It does a nice job.

So after adding the plugin it now doesn’t drag my viewers away to pastures new. It’s especially a pain if it’s your video about your own website and your own services.


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